Inamdar Hospital

International Patient Department

Your treatment journey at Inamdar Hospital

Analysis of your Medical History

Our team of highly qualified medical specialists examines your medical history to recommend the best course of therapy and map out your course of care.

Travel Arrangements

Our assistance extends past your hospital stay. Inamdar Team will book all of your appointments, local transportation, and hotel accommodations after the travel dates have been confirmed. If necessary, Inamdar Team will also schedule any prerequisite tests. Let us handle your travel plans so you can concentrate on your health and recovery. We are excited to assist you.

Hassle Free Health Journey

From the hospital admission process, medical consultations, and treatment, all the way through recovery and discharge, our international patient services partners will be by your side. The doctor will give you advice on post-treatment care and, if required, follow-up support for subsequent sessions after a successful treatment.