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Welcome to Roots To Wings Child Development Center At IMH Hospital

Roots to Wings Child Development Center is started with the vision of helping all the kids and their parents by providing all types of therapies that are necessary for the differently abled kids under one roof. Also to provide all the services at a very affordable cost. We have a team of experienced therapists who are constantly supervised by pediatric neurologists and pediatricians.
Our mission is to strengthen the roots of our kids so as to make them self-sufficient and to help them grow their own wings so that they stand out strong in society.

Our Unique Features

  • Spacious area
  • Experienced therapist
  • Supervision the therapist’s work regularly by pediatric neurologist and pediatrician
  • Vast material for kids to upgrade
  • Affordable cost
  • All specialties under one roof
Child Development Center at Inamdar Hospital Pune

Roots To Wings Child Development Center, located within Inamdar Multispeciality Hospital in Fatima Nagar, NIBM, Undri, Wanowrie is a beacon of excellence in pediatric care and developmental support. We empower children to reach their fullest potential through compassionate care and innovative therapies. When you choose Roots To Wings Child Development Center, you are choosing a trusted partner in your child’s development, where hope, healing, and happiness come together for every child and their family.

At IMH Hospital Roots To Wings Child Development Center, we understand that your child’s health and development are of utmost importance. Our dedicated team of pediatric specialists and healthcare professionals is committed to ensuring that your child receives the best possible care and support at every stage of their development.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote the healthy growth and development of children, from infancy through adolescence. We are driven by a commitment to excellence, compassion, and innovation in pediatric care. Your child’s bright future starts here!

Our Expert Team

Our multidisciplinary team of experts is here to provide comprehensive care for your child:

  • Pediatric Neurologist: Specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of neurological disorders in children.
  • Pediatrician: Focused on general pediatric care, wellness, and preventive medicine for children.
  • Clinical Psychologist: Providing in-depth psychological assessments and interventions.
Child Development Center | Inamdar Hospital Pune
Child Therapist in Pune | Inamdar Hospital Pune


Our team of therapists plays a crucial role in enhancing your child’s development:

  • Speech Therapist: Helping children with speech and language difficulties.
  • Occupational Therapist: Assisting in fine and gross motor skills development.
  • Pediatric Physiotherapist: Focusing on physical rehabilitation and mobility.

Our therapists work collaboratively with our super specialist consultants, pediatric neurologists, and pediatricians to ensure that your child receives the best possible care, leading to optimal results.

Services We Provide

At Roots of Wings Child Development Center at Inamdar Hospital, we offer a comprehensive range of services to support children’s development and well-being:

  • Pediatric neurology consultation
  • Psychological assessment
  • Parental counseling
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Behavioral modifications
  • Remedial therapy
  • Physiotherapy

Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to providing personalized care and support to help children reach their full potential, addressing a wide spectrum of developmental and behavioral needs.

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Disorders We Treat

We offer a wide range of services to address various developmental challenges, including:


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Roots to Wings Child Development Center

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