Intellectual Disabilities

Nurturing Potential: A Holistic Approach to Child Development


At Roots to Wings Child Development Center, located in the heart of Fatima Nagar, NIBM, Undri, Wanowrie, and Kondhawa, we believe in fostering a nurturing environment where every child can spread their wings and reach their full potential. Our center stands out as the best child development center in these vibrant neighborhoods, providing comprehensive support and care for children of all abilities, including those with intellectual disabilities.

Understanding Intellectual Disabilities

Intellectual disabilities encompass a range of challenges that affect a child’s cognitive functioning and adaptive behavior. These conditions may manifest as difficulties in learning, problem-solving, and communication. At Roots to Wings, we recognize the unique needs of children with intellectual disabilities and tailor our programs to address their individual strengths and challenges.

Our Approach

  1. Inclusive Environment: Our child development center is committed to inclusivity, creating an environment where every child feels welcome and valued. Inclusion promotes social interactions and helps children with intellectual disabilities develop essential social skills.
  2. Tailored Learning Programs: Our experienced team of educators designs personalized learning programs that cater to each child’s specific needs. By focusing on individual strengths, we empower children to overcome obstacles and achieve their developmental milestones.
  3. Therapeutic Support: Roots to Wings is equipped with state-of-the-art therapeutic facilities to provide essential support for children with intellectual disabilities. Our team includes specialized therapists who work collaboratively to enhance cognitive, motor, and communication skills.
  4. Family Involvement: We believe that family involvement is crucial for a child’s holistic development. Our center actively engages parents in the learning process, offering guidance and support to ensure a seamless transition between home and the learning environment.

Why Roots to Wings?

As the best child development center in Fatima Nagar, NIBM, Undri, Wanowrie, and Kondhawa, Roots to Wings stands out for its commitment to excellence in child care. Our focus on inclusivity, personalized learning, therapeutic support, and family involvement sets us apart, making us the preferred choice for parents seeking a holistic approach to their child’s development.


Roots to Wings Child Development Center at Inamdar Hospital is more than just a place for learning; it’s a community dedicated to nurturing the potential within every child, regardless of their abilities. Join us on this journey of discovery, growth, and achievement, where each child can truly spread their wings and soar to new heights.

Intellectual Disabilities | Roots to Wings Child Development Center At Inamdar Hospital Pune

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