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Vascular Surgery

Dr.Shardul Date - Vascular Surgeon

Dr. Shardul Date

Dr. Shardul Date is a distinguished Vascular Surgeon with extensive qualifications and experience in the field. He holds an MBBS degree, followed by FCPS in General Surgery, and DNB in Peripheral Vascular Surgery. Dr. Date has amassed over 20 years of experience in the medical profession, with 11 years dedicated specifically to vascular surgery. His […]

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Dr. Nachiket Purandare - Vascular Surgeon

Dr. Nachiket Purandare

Dr. Nachiket Purandare is a highly experienced vascular surgeon with an impressive career spanning over 23 years. He holds an MBBS degree and has completed two advanced Master’s degrees in surgery—one in Vascular Surgery and the other in General Surgery. Throughout his extensive practice, Dr. Nachiket Purandare has dedicated himself to providing exceptional care in

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Dr. Swapnil Karne - cardiothoracic surgeon

Dr. Swapnil Karne

Dr. Swapnil Karne is a highly skilled and experienced cardiothoracic surgeon with nearly 20 years of dedicated practice in the field of cardiology. His vast expertise encompasses a range of advanced surgical procedures, particularly in mitral valve surgery and minimally invasive cardiac surgery. Educational Background: MBBS – Sriram Chandra Bhanj Medical College, Cuttack (1990) DNB Cardiothoracic

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