Inamdar Hospital

Onco Surgery

Dr. Shailesh Naik

Dr. Shailesh Naik is a distinguished medical professional with a stellar background, holding MBBS and D.N.B degrees in General Surgery and Onco from MMC Mumbai. His qualifications, including MMC registration, reflect his expertise in Surgical Oncology, making him a valuable asset in the field of cancer treatment and surgery. Dr. Naik’s commitment to excellence in […]

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Dr. Minish Jain

Dr. Minish Jain is a distinguished Oncosurgeon with extensive expertise in surgical oncology. With a career spanning over two decades. Dr. Jain has been at the forefront of cancer treatment, specializing in complex surgical procedures aimed at treating various types of cancers.

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Dr. Saurabh Mohite - Oncosurgeon

Dr. Saurabh Mohite

Dr. Saurabh Mohite is a highly skilled Oncosurgeon dedicated to providing exceptional care to patients diagnosed with cancer. With extensive training and experience in surgical oncology, Dr. Saurabh Mohite specializes in the surgical treatment of various cancers, aiming to improve patient outcomes through advanced surgical techniques and compassionate care.

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