Dr.Murtaza Adeeb

Complex Hip Replacement Revision Surgery brings back mobility to 46-year-old Doctor

Pune 5 February 2019: A complex hip replacement revision surgery at Inamdar Hospital gave much needed respite to a 46 year old doctor from Osmanabad. Dr. Dayanand Baburao Kawade who had undergone total hip replacement four years back elsewhere started to experience pain while walking and was unable to put full weight on the right leg. He was also suffering from fever due to infection. A team of doctors under the leadership of Dr. Murtaza Adeeb Senior Joint Replacement Surgeon at Inamdar Hospital performed complex and high risk two-stage revision total hip replacement.

Dr. Murtaza Adeeb Senior Joint Replacement Surgeon at Inamdar Hospital said that when Dr. Dayanand Kawade came to us he was unable to walk due to pain in the right hip. He had already undergone total hip replacement four years on right hip back elsewhere and had developed infection. Infection after hip replacement is a serious medical complication. Joint replacement infections may occur in the wound or deep around the artificial implants. This case required two stage revision procedure. The first stage involved cleaning up the hip and removing the previous implants. Samples were taken from the hip and according to the reports appropriate antibiotics were started. 8 weeks after the first stage second stage surgery was performed. This involved re-implantation with revision total hip prostheses. Complications were minimized in this by good pre operative work up by the physician Dr. Chopdawala and the anesthetist headed by Dr. Nikhil Hiremath. The coordination with other departments is crucial as we need to ensure whether the infection has gone before proceeding to the next stage. The patient recovered very well and is expected to walk normally in a couple of weeks time. The post operative care involves physiotherapy which is helping him to get back on track.

Dr. Dayanand Kawade said that three years after I had hip replacement, I started to feel pain in my right hip and was unable to walk. But now I am extremely happy and grateful to the entire team of Inamdar Hospital who helped me bring my mobility back. After all, life is mobility and mobility is life.

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