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Is Laser Treatment Good for Piles?


Hemorrhoids, commonly known as piles, are a painful and uncomfortable condition that affects millions of people worldwide. While they can often be managed with lifestyle changes and conservative treatments, some cases may require surgical intervention. Laser treatment for piles has gained popularity as a minimally invasive and effective option. In this blog, we will explore the benefits and considerations of laser treatment for piles and discuss its suitability for different patients. To provide expert insights, we’ll refer to the expertise of Inamdar Multispeciality Hospital Pune.

Understanding Piles

Piles are swollen and inflamed blood vessels in the rectum and anus, leading to discomfort, pain, bleeding, and itching. They can be classified into two types: internal and external. Internal piles are located inside the rectum, while external piles occur outside the anus.

Traditional Surgical Options

Traditional surgical treatments for piles include hemorrhoidectomy and rubber band ligation. These procedures involve cutting or tying off blood vessels to remove the hemorrhoids. While effective, they can be associated with significant pain and a longer recovery period.

Laser Treatment for Piles

Laser treatment for piles, also known as laser hemorrhoidoplasty or laser hemorrhoidectomy, is a modern and less invasive approach to treating hemorrhoids. It involves using a laser to precisely target and shrink the hemorrhoidal tissue. This method offers several advantages over traditional surgery:

  1. Minimal Pain: Laser treatment is associated with minimal post-operative pain compared to conventional surgery. Patients often experience less discomfort during the recovery process.
  2. Shorter Recovery Time: The recovery time for laser treatment is typically shorter, allowing patients to return to their daily activities sooner.
  3. Reduced Bleeding: Laser treatment cauterizes blood vessels during the procedure, reducing the risk of post-operative bleeding.
  4. Lower Risk of Infection: Since laser treatment is less invasive, the risk of infection is generally lower.
  5. Outpatient Procedure: Laser treatment can often be performed as an outpatient procedure, reducing the need for an overnight hospital stay.

Suitability for Patients

Laser treatment for piles is considered suitable for a wide range of patients, including those with:

  1. Mild to Severe Hemorrhoids: Laser treatment can be adapted to address both internal and external hemorrhoids, regardless of their severity.
  2. Medical Conditions: Patients with underlying medical conditions that may increase the risk of complications during traditional surgery may benefit from laser treatment.
  3. Piles in Pregnant Women: Pregnant women experiencing hemorrhoids can opt for laser treatment, as it is generally safe for both the mother and the unborn child.


Inamdar Multispeciality Hospital Pune is a renowned healthcare institution that offers a comprehensive range of services, including the treatment of piles using laser technology. Their team of experienced and skilled physicians can provide personalized guidance and recommendations for patients considering laser treatment for piles.

In conclusion, laser treatment for piles is a viable and effective option for many individuals suffering from this painful condition. It offers several advantages over traditional surgical methods, including reduced pain, shorter recovery times, and a lower risk of complications. However, the suitability of laser treatment should be determined on a case-by-case basis, taking into consideration the patient’s specific condition and medical history.

If you are considering laser treatment for piles, it is essential to consult with a healthcare professional, such as those at Inamdar Multispeciality Hospital Pune, to discuss your options and receive personalized care.