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Kidney stones – Symptoms, causes, types, and treatment

Suffering from kidney stones is not uncommon among individuals at present worldwide. Exerts also denote this situation as renal calculi. Stone develops due to the hard deposits of minerals and salts in the kidneys. The size of the stone in the kidneys is like a chickpea. However, sometimes these stones are as small as a grain, or sometimes these can be like a golf ball.

Cause of kidney stones

As per the Kidney stones Specialist in Pune, several causes are responsible for developing stones inside the kidneys. The prime cause of this disease is drinking little water. Hence, individuals who do not consume adequate water are more likely to suffer from these stones. Individuals who are not involved in any type of physical activity also suffer.

Possible symptoms

Individuals often ignore certain physical conditions that can lead to kidney stones. Hence, people need to understand the symptoms, and they will understand whether you are suffering from kidney stones or not.

  • You can feel a sharp pain in your back and below the ribs
  • You will feel the pain in the abdomen
  • You will feel a fluctuating pain
  • Pain with a burning sensation

Besides, people also can suffer from vomiting and red or pink urine. Fever and feeling chills can also be a part of this disease.

Types of kidney stones

As per the Kidney stones Surgeon in Pune, people can suffer from the following types of kidney stones.

  • Calcium stones: these stones are made of calcium oxalate
  • Struvite stones: these stones develop faster and become large within a few times
  • Uric acid stones: these stones are developed due to too much fluid inside.
  • Cysteine stones: These stones can develop due to genetic causes.


At first, doctors will ask you to drink loads of water so that stone can dissolve well and pass without surgery. However, if the stones are too large, it is necessary to undergo surgery. If you are searching for reliable experts in kidney stones, you can consult with the specialists in Inamdar Hospital for the necessary Kidney stones Treatment in Pune. 

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