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Besides non-melanoma skin cancer, Breast Cancer is the most frequent cancer in women and the second leading cause of cancer-related mortality among women.

Breast cancer develops from a proliferation of cells lining the milk ducts and lobules of the breast. These cells multiply without control and may metastasize to other organs. While breast cancer is more frequent in women, both men and women are at risk. It is not exclusive to women and may affect trans and non-binary persons as well.

And it’s not only women who develop this cancer; transgender and gender nonconforming persons are at risk, too. In certain cases, a transgender woman’s higher risk of this cancer may be traced back to the use of hormone therapy to achieve the desired gender transition.

Malignant changes in the Breast Cancer

Some patients with breast cancer have no warning signs until the disease is discovered during a routine screening mammography or medical visit.

  • New lumps or thickening in the breast, particularly if it’s just in one breast
  • Nipple sores
  • Change in the form of the nipple
  • Nipple discharge or turning in Breast
  • Skin dimpling
  • Discomfort or swelling in the armpit
  • Rash or red swollen breasts
  • Persistent soreness in one breast that persists beyond the end of a woman’s menstrual cycle.

Roots of Breast Cancer

Exposure to female hormones, family history, being of Ashkenazi Jewish descent, and having a mutation in the BRCA2 or BRCA1 gene raise the risk of this cancer (natural and administered)

beginning menstruation before the age of 12; having a family history of this cancer; having a history of certain, noncancerous breast diseases.


Its diagnostic tests may include:

  1. Body Check-up

If you or your doctor observe any changes to your breasts, or if mammography reveals anything worrisome, your doctor will do a full breast examination and examine the lymph nodes above your collarbone and above your arms. Your doctor will enquire about your health and the presence or absence of cancer history in your family.

  1. Mammograms

Mammograms are low-dose x-rays that may detect abnormalities in the breast tissue that might otherwise go undetected during a regular physical check-up. If you have breast implants, please inform the technician before beginning the mammography.


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