August 1st week is celebrated as world breast feeding week .We can promote & support breast feeding through healthy diet for lactating mothers. Feeding mother’s requirement of nutrient increases for maintenance of her own health & feed to the baby with quality of milk.

Milk production burn extra 500kcal while fulfilling your baby’s nutritional needs. Requirement of calories as well as protein is increases. Calorie counting is not necessary when you are breast feeding but diet should be based on sufficient amount of calories, protein, iron, calcium & galactogauge (food which help in breast milk production).

            Food                         Requirement
 Cereals Barley quinoa, oats , jowar  5-6 portions
 Legumes Black beans, chick peas, lentils 2-3 portions
 Milk Milk & milk products  500 – 700ml/day
 Fruits Apple, banana, dates , figs  2-3 servings /day etc
 Green veggies Spinach , methi, green math , shepu 1-2 portion
 Dry nuts Almonds (6-8no) , coconut, sesame seed

Galactogauge in your daily diet

Methi seeds- 1-2 tsp/day

Fennel seeds- 2 -3 tsp /day

Garlic+ flax seed+ sunflower seed chutney- 2 tsp/day

Coconut+ jaggary+ edible gum+dry nuts mixture – 30 to 40gm/day

Sufficient intake of water is necessary.

Adequate & healthy eating is the key to nourish well to your baby.

Personalized plan with qualified dietician works better to fulfil the need.


Dt. Shahenaz Shaikh

Clinical Nutritionist & Regd. Dietician

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