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Pediatric Neonatal Surgery in Pune

Doctors often suggest different types of surgeries for newborn babies, especially those who are born with deformities. Especially premature babies come with different malformations, and doctors need to perform Pediatric Neonatal Surgery to give these babies a healthy life. Sometimes defects in babies cannot be treated in the womb. This surgery is performed on newborn babies within a day or week as per the doctor’s advice.

More facts on Pediatric Neonatal Surgery treatment

For newborn babies who are born with several deformities, doctors suggest neonatal surgical treatment as the best remedy for them. An expert Pediatric Surgeon in Pune suggests this surgery for babies who are suffering from Anorectal malformations, Annular pancreas, Esophageal atresia, Gastroschisis, Heart defects, Hirschsprung’s disease, Necrotizing enterocolitis and more.

Neonatal Surgery comes with varied surgical treatments depending on the baby’s condition. This surgery follows advanced treatment with a minimally invasive procedure. Sometimes doctors need to perform open surgeries depending on the situation of the babies.

How do you prepare your baby for neonatal surgical treatment?

It is always a matter of concern for the parents to accept that their babies need to undergo this surgery. Parents can consult with the experts of Inamdar Hospital, a popular Pediatric Neonatal Surgery hospital in Pune, to get the necessary suggestions. Parents need to keep the baby’s routine the same till before the surgery. Besides, parents need to stay calm during the surgery.

Probable complications

While your doctors inform you that your baby needs a neonatal procedure, you need to understand the probable complications your baby can face during the surgery. Your baby can suffer from dehydration, infections, and jaundice post-surgery. Consequently, parents need to take extra precautionary measures for their babies.

Is your newborn baby suffering from any birth defect? Has the pediatrician suggested Neonatal Surgery for your baby? Parents need to consult a Pediatric Neonatal doctor in Pune for the best remedies.

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