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What to do if IVF Fails?

First, let’s get the fundamentals down of the Inamdar Hospital, and visit the best IVF Center in Pune in order to understand the reason why IVF fails in certain circumstances. What exactly is in vitro fertilization? In vitro fertilization (IVF) is the process of artificially uniting sperm and eggs in a controlled environment, rather than within a woman’s body. After an embryo or embryos have developed, they are transferred to the uterus.

Explain the concept of In Vitro Fertilization failure

IVF fails if the embryos do not implant, meaning that a clinical pregnancy does not result from the procedure. Extreme feelings might be released in a couple if an IVF attempt fails. How do you reconcile the thrill and hope that this will be the cycle that finally leads to beginning a family with the nagging doubt that it won’t?

When in vitro fertilization (IVF) fails, both partners experience severe emotional distress and maybe even rage. Where did the cycle go wrong? Is there a problem with the way they were treated? Is it necessary to try again, if at all? If the procedure doesn’t result in a clinical pregnancy, the doctors at the Inamdar Hospital, the center for IVF in Pune on the other side of the table will be just as disappointed as the patient.

When does In Vitro Fertilization IVF fails and why?

As per the best IVF specialist in Pune at the Inamdar Hospital, the embryos might be of poor quality. Low-quality embryos are a typical contributor to a failed cycle. Many embryos fail to implant after being transferred to the uterus because they lack the necessary genetic material to grow into a healthy human beings. It is possible for embryos to have a fatal genetic flaw or cell defect while seeming healthy in the lab. The embryo could not have enough potential to develop, thus it doesn’t implant.

It’s a common fallacy that just the wife’s age matters when determining the appropriate partner’s age. As a result, many couples do not take the age of the spouse into account. After a man reaches the age of 45, his sperm quality and production begin to decline. When a woman reaches the age of 35, she begins to produce fewer and lower-quality eggs. IVF success rates are impacted by this factor.

Inadequate ovarian reserve: This condition occurs when a woman’s ovaries fail to react to fertility drugs or hormone injections at a strong enough dose to generate numerous eggs. The odds of having a healthy embryo decrease as a woman’s age increases, especially beyond the age of 35. Poor ovarian reserve and a lack of response to injections increase the likelihood of failure.

Thin endometrium, a uterine septum, an endometrial polyp, severe adenomyosis, or a uterine myoma are all examples of uterine abnormalities that might prevent implantation.


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