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Work Station on Wheels

We at IMH have well established Hospital Information System called PALASH.In addition to improved data accuracy, mobile computer workstations allow nurses and doctors to access the equipment and supplies they need to take care of each patient. To facilitate the handing and taking over the process, administration of medication, and documentation at the bedside, we at Inamdar Hospital have designed a workstation on wheels and given it to all wards with a ratio of 1:4.

Following are the benefits of this trolley

1. Easy for the staff to identify the patient

2. Improved Data Accuracy

  • We have a Laptop on each trolley which can be taken to each patient’s bedside.
  • Staff no longer has to leave the room and make multiple trips to a centralized workstation. Having a computer workstation on hand that travels with a nurse promotes timely, accurate data entry.
  • Reducing errors and improving patient care.

3. Promotes Patient Engagement       

  • Point-of-care computer carts save time. All the documentation is done in front of the patient.
  • Nurses don’t have to make multiple
  • Involve the patients in their treatment
  • Increase the IPR with the patient and relatives
  • Maintain the confidentiality of the patient as all the plan of care is discussed and documented in front of the patient.

4. On-Hand Equipment

  • Having equipment on hand prevents nurses from making multiple trips out of a patient’s room to get the supplies they need.
  • This feature of mobile computer stations saves time because everything necessary to care for the patient is right at the nurse’s fingertips
  • Secure Medication Dispensing When a nurse can retrieve a patient’s medicines from the HIS (Palash), the chance for medication administration error is almost nonexistent.
  • It helps in transporting Medical supplies (pharmacy which is received and for returning before discharge)
  • Making it more convenient for our nurses to complete the work on time.

5. Reduction of Infection and Cross-Contamination

  • This mobility prevents nurses from sharing a central workstation.
  • Prevent cross infection by using hand sanitizer after each use.
  • The high-touch area is taken care of to prevent cross infection

6. Point-of-Care Streamlining

  • Mobile computer carts allow for efficient patient care.
  • By streamlining the patient data retrieval process, hospital staff reduces the risk of error and increases communication between nurses and doctors.
  • Doctors can pull up a patient’s chart on the computer right in front of them at the patient’s bedside.
  • Mobile computer workstations increase efficiency and allow for clear communication between doctors, nurses, and other staff.


Computer workstations on wheels promote improved caregiving in hospitals, resulting in better performance among staff and most importantly, better outcomes for patients. Reduces all types of errors. All the documentation can be done immediately after the procedure and can retrieve at any time.

About Inamdar Hospital

INAMDAR MULTISPECIALITY HOSPITAL – PUNE is an endeavor to alleviate the suffering of patients, by providing the best of healthcare at an optimal cost. A Multispeciality hospital that is centrally located and adorned with state–of–the–art infrastructure and an eminent panel of doctors are in a nutshell what we are all about. A highly sophisticated setup and a panel of super specialists functioning smoothly in a culture of care, commitment, dedication, and concern. Commitment To excellence and giving the patients and attendants, homely and secured facilities ensuring a speedy recovery. We understand the importance of your time. Administering a drug at regular intervals or prompt emergency care, our forte is precise time management which is important in healthcare.