Angioplasty in Pune

Angioplasty is the medical procedure to remove the blockage or broaden an artery around the heart. This is also referred to as balloon angioplasty, which unblocks the arteries without requiring open-heart surgery. Here are a few things you need to know about Angioplasty.

Who needs an Angioplasty?

  • Patients suffering from a heart attack may require an Angioplasty due to the blockage in the artery caused by the accumulation of cholesterol.
  • People suffering from artery diseases.
  • It is also applied to the other parts of the body, which include blocked arteries.

Types of Angioplasty

There are two types of angioplasties-

  • Balloon Angioplasty is the balloon inflated method, and the pressure created from it is used to clear the blocked artery.
  • Stents or tube placements are wire mesh placed in the arteries to restrict them from narrowing or blocking again.

Procedure of Angioplasty

You need to adhere to the guidelines provided to you by the doctor before your Angioplasty.

  • You will be asked to refrain from eating or drinking anything a few hours before the procedure.
  • With the help of a catheter, the doctor reaches the problematic spot.
  • Another catheter and wire are inserted with a balloon on the tip. The inflation of the balloon exerts pressure on the plagued artery, causing it to expand.
  • Stents are placed to lock the internal space created in the artery.


You will recover within a few days after your Angioplasty procedure. The hospital might discharge you after 24 hours of your treatment. The doctors can provide you with blood thinners like aspirin. Fluids and rest are your main companions!

Angioplasty helps to improve the circulation of blood through cleaned arteries. Inamdar hospital in Pune is one of the best hospitals in this country; you must visit their clinic or contact them through their website if you have any doubts regarding this treatment. Stay safe and healthy!

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