With corona virus Covid-19, we are much talking about staying as safe and healthy as possible. While washing your hands, keeping a safe distance from others etc may all be the steps to reduce the risk.

Incorporating specific foods into the diet may strengthen a person’s immune response & helps in fighting with viral infections.

1) Protein: Protein play important role of immunity booster. In every meal you must include right quality & quantity of protein. Nonveg protein in the form of boiled egg, chicken soup/ boiled or grilled chicken to get complete amino acids which boosts the immunity. If you are a vegetarian include rajmah , soyabean , black beans or dal.

2) Spices: Choose one immunity booster for every meal from your culinary cabinet. Include cinnamon, cloves, black pepper, cumin seeds, turmeric, ajwain etc

3) Vitamin C & A: Detoxify your liver with freshly prepared homemade detox drink. Include vitamin C & A rich fruits & veggies.

4) Omega 3 fatty acids: Include good immunity booster sources of omega -3 fatty acids, vitamins & antioxidants. Flax seeds, Sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, almonds, walnuts, pistachios. Fish like Mackeral, Salmon & Tunna.

5) Reduce Your Stress: Keep your stress level down as stress can certainly hurt your immune system & turn off the cells which boost your immunity. Do not panic try to minimize your stress by dhikr, yoga, meditation.etc .Do low & moderate intensity exercises which naturally lowers your stress hormone & helps to boost the immunity.

RD Shahenaz Shaikh
Clinical Nutritionist & Registered Dietician
Inamdar Multispeciality Hospital

Quarantine Diet Plan

[vc_table vc_table_theme=”classic_pink” el_class=”desktabl”],Sunday,Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday,Saturday|[b]Morning%20%E2%80%93%207.00%20AM,Amla%20juice,Lemon%20%2B%20Ginger%20%2B%20Cinnamon,Orange%20juice,Beet%20%2B%20Cloves%20juice,Mint%2B%20Honey%20%2BLemon,Kale%20juice,Spinach%20%2BGarlic%20smoothie|[b]Breakfast%208%3A00am,Almonds%20%2FEgg%20%2B%20Poha,Cashews%2FEgg%20%2B%20Oats%20dosa,Paneer%2FEgg%20%2B%20Paratha%20dosa,Walnuts%2FEgg%20%2B%20Upma,Pistachio%2FEgg%0A%2B%20Idli,Cashews%2FEgg%0A%2B%20Daliya,Paneer%2FEgg%20%2B%20Paratha|[b]Mid%20Morning%0A11%3A00am,Orange,Papaya,Sweet%20lime,Pomegranate,Pineapple,Orange,Papaya|[b]Lunch%0A2%3A00pm,Dal%2Fchicken%0AParatha%20with%20flax%20seed%20chutney,Rajmah%20%2FFish%0ARice,Dal%2FChicken%0AJowar%20bhakari%20with%20garlic%20chutney,Dal%2FPaneer%0ARagi%20bhakari,Mataki%20%2F%20Chicken%20%2B%20paratha,Black%20chana%2F%20Fish%0ARice,Dal%2FChicken%0AJowar%20bhakari%20wit%20garlic%20chutney|[b]Evening%0A5%3A00pm,Makhana%20%2B%20Green%20tea,Soya%20puffs%20%2B%20Lemon%20tea,Peanuts%2B%20Ginger%20tea,Peanuts%2B%20Ginger%20tea,Dhokla%2B%0AMint%20tea,Roasted%20chana%2B%20Green%20tea,Ragi%20puffs%20Gginger%20tea|[b]Dinner%0A7%3A00pm,Mix%20dal%20chilla%20%2Bcurd,Moong%20dal%20khichadi%2B%20sunflower%20seed%2Bgalic%20chutney,Ragi%20dosa%20%2B%20mint%20chutney,Dal%2B%20jeera%20rice%20%2B%20ghee%201%20tsp,Dal%2B%20Beet%20paratha,Mix%20veg%20cutlet%2B%20Curd,White%20rice%20%2B%20dal%20%2B%20ghee%201%20tsp|[b]Bed%20Time,Milk%20%2B%20haldi%20%2B%20raisins,Milk%20%2B%20haldi%20%2B%20dates,Milk%20%2B%20haldi%20%2B%20dry%20anjeer,Milk%20%2B%20haldi%20%2B%20raisins,Milk%20%2B%20haldi%20%2B%20dates,Milk%20%2B%20haldi%20%2B%20dry%20anjeer,Milk%20%2B%20haldi%20%2B%20raisins[/vc_table]




1) Oranges

Rich in vitamin C, calcium, fiber. Helps to give glow to your skin. Take whole fruit or glass of orange juice without sugar.


2) Pomegranate

Acts as a skin tightening agent. Decrease fine lines & wrinkles. Slows down aging.


3) Guava

A load of lycopene, carotene an antioxidant that protects the skin from free radical damage during winter.


4) Papaya

Fruit having skin repairing & tightening agent. Papaya is rich in papaine, vitamin C & vitamin A. Feed your stomach with goodness of papaya for getting glowing & healthy skin.


5) Apple

An apple a day to boost your immunity, to avoid skin infections & get supple, shiny skin.

Dt. Shahenaz Shaikh

Clinical Nutritionist & Reg. Dietician

Inamdar Multi specialty Hospital

Five Healthy Tips For Diwali

1) Control on your S-O-S (Salt-Oil- Suagr )-

In festival season your meal like faral or sweets should be home made & maximum 20-25 % of your daily routine meal for a day.

2) Increase the intake of citrus fruits

Citrus fruits act as antidote for bad cholesterol, excess saturated fats, sugar & salt which come by sweets & namkeen.

3) Favorite food/sweets

First take your daily healthy meal then consume your favorite food in a set portion. Do not overeat it, because your digestive system need to work hard to get it out of the body.

4) Stay hydrated

Don’t forget to keep yourself well hydrated, water helps in flush out toxins from your body & prevent overeating.

5) Do some exercise / Burn some extra calories

Keep yourself fit & energetic to enjoy the festival.

Dt. Shahenaz Shaikh
Clinical Nutritionist & Registered Dietician
Inamdar Multispeciality Hospital

Seven Super Foods For Navratri

Fasting has been a part of holistic religious practices since ancient times. Nutritious food in fasting period establishes harmonious coordination between body, mind & soul. During fasting it is important to take care of nutrition with hydration to stay healthy & energetic.

1) Sago (Sabudana) – Sago is an excellent source of carbohydrates & provides good energy. Easy for digestion. Along with protein like milk (kheer), peanut & veggies (khichadi) improve its nutrition quality.

2) Varaiche tandul (Bhagar/Sama rice) – Sama rice gives satiety & fullness with good nutrient. It is high in fiber & low in sugar as compare to rice. Suitable to diabetics also. Sama rice is a gluten free grain with balanced carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins & minerals. Excellent source of nutrient during fasting.

3) Makhana (Lotus seeds) – Phool makahana are high in protein & carbohydrates which gives satiety, subsides hunger pangs & quenches thirst. Good source of magnesium as well as very low in fat & sodium.

4) Kuttu (Buckwhaeat) -Kuttu rich in all essential nutrients. Helps to provides sustainable energy for whole day. Presence of all essential nutrients in it makes us crave less while fasting.

5) Shinghara (Water Chest Nut) – Feast your fast with singhare ka dosa / idli with veggies. With all nutrients it provides alkalinity to the body. Reduces stress from body.

6) Rajgeera(Amranth)- Rajgeera is a power house of nutrient. It contains all essential amino acids, calcium fat soluble vitamin as well as water soluble vitamin. Complete source of nutrition during fasting.

7) Fruits – Fruits gives energy with fullness & satiety for longer periods. They are rich in phyto-nutrients which stay you healthy & glowing in festive season. Fruits like banana, papaya, watermelon are good source of nutrients & keeps hydration in body.

Dt Shahenaz shaikh
Inamdar multispeciality Hospital