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1) Control on your S-O-S (Salt-Oil- Suagr )-

In festival season your meal like faral or sweets should be home made & maximum 20-25 % of your daily routine meal for a day.

2) Increase the intake of citrus fruits

Citrus fruits act as antidote for bad cholesterol, excess saturated fats, sugar & salt which come by sweets & namkeen.

3) Favorite food/sweets

First take your daily healthy meal then consume your favorite food in a set portion. Do not overeat it, because your digestive system need to work hard to get it out of the body.

4) Stay hydrated

Don’t forget to keep yourself well hydrated, water helps in flush out toxins from your body & prevent overeating.

5) Do some exercise / Burn some extra calories

Keep yourself fit & energetic to enjoy the festival.

Dt. Shahenaz Shaikh
Clinical Nutritionist & Registered Dietician
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