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Ear Infections Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Adults and children can suffer from different types of Ear Infections. Ear infections are also known as Otitis Media. Infections and bacteria can develop ear infections. It is the space behind the eardrum that gets infected due to several reasons. 


Causes of Ear infection


Viruses or bacteria can develop ear infections in the middle of the ear. Adults or children who are suffering from flu or cold, or allergy can suffer from different types of ear infections. This infection can cause swelling or congestion in the nasal passages. The infection blocks the Eustachian tubes and creates problems in regulating the air pressure in the middle of the ear.

Both adults and children can suffer from air infections due to the causes like allergies, colds, smoking, excess mucus, and modifications in air pressure. 


Symptoms for Ear infections


Several symptoms are noticed when a person suffers from an ear infection. Both children and adults will suffer from acute ear pain due to ear infection. Fussiness, crying more than normal, loss of balance, sleeping problems, fever, and loss of appetite are common symptoms of ear infections that children normally face. Parents should consult with professionals of Ear Infections Hospital in Pune, for the best treatment. 


Diagnosis and treatment


Once parents feel that their children are suffering from the above symptoms, they need to consult with doctors. The physicians will check the ears with an otoscope, which will reveal the probable cause of the ear infection. 


Besides, the doctors will collect a fluid sample to check the stage of the infection. A blood test may be recommended to check the immune system. Sometimes doctors will also recommend for CT scan, Acoustic reflectometry to check the stage of the ear infection. 


Depending on the diagnosis, the doctors will suggest some pain relief options. The specialists for Ear Infections Treatment in Pune, will suggest antibiotics to heal the pain. You can consult with the experts of Inamdar Hospital, Pune, for better treatment options.  

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