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Gastroscopy Treatment and Cost in Pune

Gastroscopy is the treatment where the esophagus or the food pipe gets examined with the duodenum and the stomach. This procedure helps to find out the cause of blood in the feces, anemia, vomiting blood, and abnormal pain in the abdomen. These problems usually happen due to infection in the digestive system and other problems.

What is the cost and treatment of gastroscopy?

In Pune, gastroscopy costs somewhere around Rs. 800/- to Rs. 14000/-. For the treatment, the doctor will give a local anesthetic spray to numb the throat of the patient. In young children, general anesthetic procedures are done. The endoscopist will put the endoscope inside the throat and move it down the throat further. In addition, resting for a few hours may also enable you to get rid of or wear off the effect of the sedative.

How can you get ready for a gastroscopy?

You have to be on an empty stomach so that the doctor can see properly and prevent vomiting. In addition, you will have to avoid drinking or eating anything six hours before the procedure. For medical conditions and allergies, you have to consult your doctor regarding taking regular medicines.

What will happen after gastroscopy?

If you require gastroscopy, you will be given light sedation. It normally takes fifteen to thirty minutes. You may get the feeling of drowsiness, and you may experience some bloating because of the air that is produced at the time of the procedure.

You can drink and eat, but you must avoid traveling alone or driving after the examination. Moreover, you need to avoid drinking alcohol for twenty-four hours. Your doctor will then inform you about the results of your gastroscopy.


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