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Gastroscopy treatment & cost in Pune

At present, huge numbers of individuals are suffering from Gastritis or peptic ulcers. This situation develops due to the inflammation inside the lining of the stomach. It has been noticed that bacterium that causes ulcers inside the stomach are the prime reasons for Gastritis. Gastritis can either be acute or chronic. Acute Gastritis can be due to the sudden inflammation inside the stomach, whereas, according to experts, chronic Gastritis can persist for a long time. Here patients suffering from Gastritis should consult with professionals for the best Gastroscopy in Pune. 




Many are still unaware of the probable cause of Gastritis. Patients can suffer from nausea or vomiting. They can also feel burning pain due to indigestion. You may always feel fullness in your upper abdomen. 


Treatment of Gastritis


Stomach irritation or indigestion is not rare in humans. Simple medications can cure the problems, but in some cases, this problem can become critical if left untreated. Here patients need to consult with professionals for the best Gastroscopy in Pune. 


Here it is suggested to opt for medical attention once you suffer from severe pain or vomit any time while you consume food. Again, if you notice blood in your stool, you need to consult with doctors immediately. 


Gastroscopy treatment and its cost


This physical examination will help doctors check whether an individual is suffering from Gastritis or not. As per this advanced treatment, doctors use a device known as a gastroscope and insert it inside the food pipe of the stomach to understand the present medical conditions. 


The price of medical treatment varies between the cities. If you are living in Pune, the probable cost of a Gastroscopy is nearly Rs 4500/-. Still, the price range varied between Rs 800 to 14000. People can also consult with the experts of Inamdar Hospital, the best Gastroscopy Hospital in Pune. 

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